Blog: Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, my thoughts!

So, the first trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home has just dropped, you can watch it here. I thought I’d just give you a few quick thoughts from myself!

Firstly, it’s interesting that the trailer has dropped now, as it does confirm a few key things about the consequences of Avengers: End Game. Some of these were blatantly obvious anyway, but certain aspects, like the complete absence of Tony Stark, will no doubt fuel the internet rumours and speculation even further. It’s a good marketing ploy, but equally, it may frustrate some people if it turns out the trailer has confirmed some major plot elements. Luckily, the trailer is ambiguous enough that there should be plenty of shock value still to come in the much anticipated End Game, and Marvel still need to promote their other films and they wouldn’t have left themselves much time had they waited until after April.

Far From Home certainly doesn’t look like a conventional sequel, and perhaps it’s not what a lot of fans are expecting as a follow-up to Homecoming. I will admit, the thought that the second outing for Spidey would involve him having a school trip across Europe is not one that I would have had, at all.

Nevertheless, you’ve got to think long term, and I think Marvel are deliberately taking their time with this character and they aren’t going to rush his development, when I saw this trailer, my immediate thought was that it’s going to be a very long time before we see Spider-Man take on classic villains like the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, I wouldn’t be surprised if this could be part of a new 10 year-plan and we may not see any of these characters for years. It’s no coincidence that a Spider-Man film is immediately following End Game. Spidey is going to be the main man going forward in the MCU, in my opinion, so it makes sense that he will be kicking off the new era.

As far as specific plot details go, this is only a teaser, so we don’t know a lot. But we have seen a few elemental villains (potentially Sand-Man being one of those?) and a quick glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, who is supposedly on the same side as Spidey… Personally, I’m not convinced, and I think Mysterio will end up being the big bad in this film. We only get a few seconds of footage of him, but Gyllenhaal looks great and I can’t wait to see more of him!

I also get the vibe that this film will focus more on Peter Parker than Spider-Man, similar to Homecoming, in fact, I think we could see Peter suited up very rarely in this film, there’s a moment in the trailer where he contemplates taking the suit to Europe and decides to leave it behind, and I feel this may become a major part of the story, as Peter ponders life beyond the mask and whether or not he wants to continue being a superhero. This is, of course, mere speculation on my part, and I could be completely wrong. But hey, it’s fun to theorise!

Overall, I’m excited for Far From Home and I think this trailer has come at just the right time to get everyone back on the Marvel hype train. I think it’s going to get a mixed reception from fans but I’m convinced that this is just the beginning of a very long journey, so I’m fully on board and I can’t wait to see what they do.

What did you think of the trailer? Let me know!

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