Thrones Tuesday: Ranking all the seasons!

Game of Thrones is returning soon, for it’s final season. So, I thought I’d have another alliteration-based blog post called “Thrones Tuesday” where I discuss anything Game of Thrones related.

Today, I’m going to rank all of the seasons, from worst (although none of them are really bad) to best. Enjoy!

7. Season 5

Coming in last place, is Season 5. The main reason being is that I found it to be quite dull for the most part. After the fairly eventful Season 4, this season spent a lot of time setting up Season 6, which led to some episodes feeling uncharacteristically dull. Many of the storylines weren’t that captivating: I wasn’t a huge fan of the King’s Landing storyline involving The Sparrows, I thought Arya’s training in Braavos was hit and miss, and the less said about Dorne, the better. This isn’t to say that Season 5 was a failure, however, still to this day it has provided one of the best episodes in the history of the show, Hardhome, and the climax with Jon Snow’s murder was one of the best cliffhangers the show has produced, the wait for Season 6 after that scene was painful!

6. Season 2

The fact that Season 2 is 6th in this list is actually a testament to how good Game of Thrones is as a series. I’ve mainly put it here because if I was to personally choose to go back and watch an old season of the show, Blackwater (which is incredible) aside, I don’t think Season 2 would be a priority for me. Although, seeing Tyrion in full swing as Hand of the King is a delight to watch, and this is probably the standout season for Joffrey, who continues to show why exactly we love to absolutely despise every fibre of his being.

5. Season 1

It always feels strange going back and watching Season 1, because so much has changed since then at times it feels unrecognisable. However, it’s still an extremely solid season and it does hold up compared to the rest. It’s a slow-burner, understandably, but by the end of it 95% of viewers will be hooked. It’s almost hard to watch these days, knowing the fates of some beloved characters, but Game of Thrones is here to crush us as well as entertain us!

4. Season 4

Season 4 gave us many treats, the death of Joffrey, the trial of Tyrion, Oberyn vs The Mountain, Arya and Hound banter, Hound vs Brienne, and the culmination of the Night’s Watch vs Wildlings showdown. It’s certainly packed full of action and in terms of sheer entertainment value, this is one of the very best seasons of the show and one I would gladly go back and watch again and again. (Even 5 years on, I really miss Tywin.)

3. Season 3

Season 3 is up high on my list mainly for two reasons, one of them is obvious, The Red Wedding is one of the most shocking moments in television history and it completely changes the dynamic of the show and confirms that nobody is safe, for that alone, this season will go down in the history books. But the second reason may not be as obvious, but it’s one that really resonates with me, and that is the Jaime/Brienne storyline, personally, I believe it is the strongest character arc that Game of Thrones has delivered. It took one of the most hated characters in the show, and by the end transformed him into one of the most loved, that bath scene is one of my favourites in the show’s history and the entire arc is the main reason I find myself rewatching Season 3 quite regularly.

2. Season 7

The beginning of the end. After many seasons of slow set-up, Season 7 is all guns blazing from the start. Reduced from 10 episodes to 7 in this season, things admittedly may have felt a bit rushed compared to what we were used to, but I loved that. We see all the various plot threads and stories come together and it’s great to see. As well as this, the action is ramped up a notch and it gives us some of the most epic moments that the series has to offer, including Daenerys’ attack on the Lannister army, the battle beyond the wall, and the Night King finally reaching The Wall and wrecking it with his swanky resurrected dragon. There was barely enough time to breathe in Season 7, and I’m sure Season 8 will be more of the same. I’ve got no problem with that, because boy, it was bloody entertaining.

1. Season 6

Although I said that Season 7 was the beginning of the end, it’s fair to say that Season 6 is the beginning of that beginning, and it’s fantastic. It’s where we finally see all the plotlines beginning to thread together, the resurrected Jon Snow leaves The Night Watch and is now fully integrated into the Winterfell storyline, which led to one of the greatest battles ever to grace a television screen in “Battle of the Bastards”, and his subsequent crowning as King in the North (Which was epic.). Jaime gets a storyline which redeems the failure of Dorne and sets him back on track, sowing the seeds of what will inevitably become his departure from Cersei at the end of Season 7. Arya’s storyline improves tremendously compared to the previous season, culminating in the avenging of the Red Wedding and certifying her as the biggest bad-ass in the show. We get to see the return of The Hound, the heartbreaking origin story of Hodor, but best of all, is the spine-tingling sequence in the series finale, when Cersei finally goes full Mad King and decimates the Sept of Baelor, I get chills just thinking about that moment and it is probably one of my favourite television sequences of all time, everything about it was flawless and I would argue it is Game of Thrones at it’s absolute best. For me, Season 6 is the most solid and consistent season in the show, but will I think that after Season 8?

So, that’s my list! Do you agree? Do you disagree? How would you rank them? Let me know!

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