TV Review: White Gold – Series 2

I really enjoyed the first series of White Gold, and it’s been an awfully long wait for Series 2, but it finally arrived a couple of days ago and I’ve already binged all of it. I’m happy to say that it was on par with the first season, and I really hope that this isn’t the end of the show, if anyone from the BBC is reading this, commission Series 3 please!

Minor spoilers follow! 

Following on from the events of Series 1, Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) and his team find themselves in a bit of a slump, the UPVC window business isn’t booming as much as it used to be, and on top of that, they’ve found themselves in direct competition with a rival company across the street, leading to some amusing situations as both sides try to one-up each other, the addition of Rachel Shenton as rival saleswoman Jo Scott is a welcome one, as she is essentially Vincent’s equal in every way, watching them try to get the better of each other is great fun to watch and it doesn’t get dull throughout the 6 episodes.

Vincent Swan is still his usual scumbag self, and you quickly begin to realise that not a lot has really changed in his character in Series 1. Brian (James Buckley) and Martin (Joe Thomas) seem to take more of a backseat in this season and do feel a lot more like secondary characters, they don’t really add much to proceedings over the course of the season. They get their own plot threads, but much of it does feel like filler and I don’t think they shone as much as they did in Series 1, I was much more interested in Vincent’s story this time around, whereas in the first series I was interested in them all equally, it’s a shame, but they still have their moments and it didn’t really hinder my overall enjoyment. Theo Barklem-Biggs is added to the cast as gangster Ronnie’s son RJ, he is hilarious and another welcome addition to the show, if you don’t get a few laughs out of his antics, then you don’t have a sense of humour, to be frank.

Overall, White Gold Series 2 is another hit, it isn’t quite as good as the first outing, but every episode is still strong and it has plenty of entertainment for you to enjoy, and I reiterate, I really hope that we get a third season with these characters, because I still think there’s plenty more fun to be had, and I’m intrigued to see where the story is going, it would be a shame to end it here.

You can watch White Gold on Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

I give White Gold – Series 2 a 7.5/10. 

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