Film Review: Johnny English Strikes Again

15 years after he first appeared on our screens, (Man, that makes me feel old.) Johnny English, quite possibly the worst spy ever, returns for his third outing. So, is it any good?

The best way I can describe this is: No, this is not a good film. But, it is amusing.

Sure, the first two films aren’t anything spectacular either, but they at least attempted to tell a cohesive story. You won’t have such luck here, because it seems that the filmmakers have sussed out what exactly makes the Johnny English films successful, our very own national treasure, Rowan Atkinson. So, with Strikes Again, it seemed to me that they decided that they needn’t waste any effort on a sensical story, instead, we are treated to what is essentially a 90 minute montage of Rowan Atkinson quirks and best bits. Oh, and they brought back Ben Miller as Bough, which is a nice bit of nostalgia.

This leaves me in two minds with this film, because I can’t say that it’s any good, but I can’t deny that it is, at times, genuinely hilarious. It’s filled with plenty of gags, Mr. Bean-esque physical comedy and some utterly ridiculous sequences, it’s all pretty terrible stuff, but I laughed, so it did the job it was meant to do, I guess?

I am really, really struggling to go in to much more detail with this review, which I think just highlights how little substance it has, the plot is awful, it doesn’t make much sense, and to be honest I can’t really remember what it was, all focus is on Atkinson, I don’t believe the audience was supposed to focus on much more than that.

I think about as much effort went into this film as I have put in to this particular review… Actually, I take that back, I probably put in more effort, which is pretty depressing.

However, if you’ve got nothing better to do, if you fancy some light-hearted, ridiculous fun, that to it’s credit, will probably make you giggle a few times, then go and see Johnny English Strikes Again. If you’re expecting anything else, stay well away.

I give Johnny English Strikes Again a 4/10. 

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