Film Review: Knock at the Cabin

Mild spoilers ahead. Knock at the Cabin is the latest entry from M. Night Shyamalan, a filmmaker I find to be very hit and miss. I love some of his work, but then some of his attempts I think have been pretty poor. Nevertheless, I found the trailers for Knock at the Cabin intriguing and … Continue reading Film Review: Knock at the Cabin

Film Review: Glass

19 years after the release of Unbreakable, we have been given Glass, the finale to one of the most unlikely trilogies in cinema. So, what did I think of M Night Shyamalan's latest effort? Personally, I didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as some of the other reviews have suggested, although I do firmly believe that … Continue reading Film Review: Glass

Throwback Thursday: Split

Following on from my Unbreakable review, it's time to look at the second instalment of this trilogy, Split. I watched this film for the very first time over the weekend! Spoilers follow. Split follows three teenagers who are kidnapped and imprisoned by Kevin Wendell Crumb, (James McAvoy) a man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which means he has … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Split

Throwback Thursday: Unbreakable

In anticipation for Glass, I will be looking back at Unbreakable and Split. I can't remember Unbreakable much at all, having seen it years ago and I wasn't really paying too much attention, and I've never seen Split, so I'm looking forward to that! But, without further ado, let's go back 19 years to the film that began this unlikely trilogy. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Unbreakable