Throwback Thursday: Bridge of Spies

Welcome to my Throwback Thursday feature. This will happen every other Thursday, and it is a fairly simple concept, where I will be reviewing something that has already been and gone. There isn't any theme when it comes to these reviews, apart from that they will be released on a Thursday, so if anyone ever … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Bridge of Spies

TV Review: Doctor Who Series 11, Episode 3. “Rosa”

When¬†Doctor Who was conceived back in the 1960s, the idea behind it was to provide an educational experience for younger views, with a bit of a science fiction twist. The show has of course developed and evolved tremendously over the years, but nearly 55 years later,¬†Rosa encapsulates this original idea to a tee. The result? … Continue reading TV Review: Doctor Who Series 11, Episode 3. “Rosa”