TV Review: The Mandalorian “Chapter 2”

This episode is spoiler free. The Mandalorian's second episode, although rather short, continues to confirm that this series is going to be something rather special. I can't go in to a lot of detail without spoiling plot elements, which I'm not going to do, as I appreciate a lot of the reading audience may not … Continue reading TV Review: The Mandalorian “Chapter 2”

Film Review: Toy Story 4

Mild spoilers ahead, but major plot points will not be discussed.   It's the film that many of us didn't think was necessary. 2010's Toy Story 3 had a perfect, heartbreaking ending that wrapped everything up nicely, surely a fourth film would just be milking it and could never live up to what had come before? Wrong. Toy … Continue reading Film Review: Toy Story 4