Film Review: Abducted in Plain Sight

I’ve seen some pretty disturbing true-crime documentaries in my time, Abducted in Plain Sight would be near the top of the disturbing scale.

Some of the most intriguing stories for me are the ones that almost sound too ridiculous to be true, it’s hard to comprehend that something like this could possibly happen, it’s that realm of impossibility that makes Abducted in Plain Sight so unsettling. Something that starts off relatively tame quickly plummets into a rollercoaster of drama and unexpected events that will bring a shiver to your spine.

The fact that this film interviews the victim, as well as those close to her, makes this story hit home even harder. In many true crime documentaries, there can be a sense of disconnect because the victims are either unwilling or unable to participate, for obvious reasons. But here, Jan Broberg is a prominent feature and being able to understand this story from the perspective of the victim is an interesting and chilling dynamic that I haven’t experienced too often in these sort of films.

This one will make you feel all the negative emotions: Shock, outrage, disgust, anger, confusion. You will question how these events were even allowed to happen, my mind is still boggled by it all.

If you’re a true-crime documentary lover like myself, add this to your list and give it a watch. I’m not saying anything else, because the less you know, the more you’ll be shocked, consequently, you’ll probably enjoy it more too.

I give Abducted in Plain Sight a 7.5/10. 

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