Film Review: Behind the Curve

This documentary film focuses on a special breed of people: Flat Earthers. Following some of the movements most prominent figures, it takes an in-depth look at how this community has grown, and how they function in a society that largely views them as ridiculous.

Let’s make one thing clear from the off, I don’t believe the Flat Earth theory for a second, it is completely ludicrous and nonsensical, and I would assume that the vast majority of my readers feel the same way. Therefore, this isn’t necessarily a documentary designed to make you ponder about whether or not you’re correct, the chances are you’ll still think it’s ludicrous from start to finish. However, it is an interesting look at this Flat Earth Society and how it has essentially grown into a strange little cult.

The one thing that struck me in this film is just how devoted its members are to the cause. Even in the presence of overwhelming scientific evidence that frequently discredits their theories about a Flat Earth, some of which is captured on camera in the moment, they remain absurdly stubborn and refuse to accept anything that refutes their own version of the truth, I was fascinated by the narrow-mindedness of these people and I was interested to see what makes them tick. I often found myself wondering whether or not these people are completely lost in this fiction because they feel a sense of purpose and belonging in this group. Despite disagreeing with them on every level, it was rather heart-warming to see how all of these people are united by this theory, forming long-lasting friendships and engaging in regular social activity. Of course, it could equally be seen as unsettling, because as I alluded to earlier, this has all the signs of a cult, thankfully, they’re a peaceful one thus far! I did wonder while I was watching, whether all of these people genuinely believe in the Flat Earth Theory, or whether they go along with it because they enjoy being a part of something, no different to how some of us might find solace and purpose in a sports club, for example.

As a documentary, I found this to be one of the more boring ones I’ve seen, to be honest. I think that’s down to two reasons: One, I lacked any real investment in the subject matter because I had disregarded it as bullshit from the start. Two, it does drag quite a bit and feels about 20 minutes too long, at least. When I watch a documentary, I like to feel hooked and I like something that is going to make me think. Sadly, all I could think about is how moronic everything was. I’m usually pretty open-minded, and I’m always up for a debate and a discussion, I’ve had my mind changed on certain topics before. But this, this was just a step too far for me. I’m not buying the Flat Earth Theory, and I never will.

Still, if you’ve got a spare 90 minutes and you’ve got nothing to watch, load up Netflix and give it a go. You’ll at least get a few laughs out of it when you watch these conspiracy theorists witness their theories go up in flames!

I give Behind The Curve a 5/10. 

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