TV Review: Vikings – Season 1

After a few recommendations, I’ve finally watched Vikings. 

Following the exploits of legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmell) and his friends and family, as they sail to the Western lands in search of riches and glory, after their raids in the East prove to be fruitless.

What immediately struck me about Vikings was how easy I found it to watch, I’m not much of a binger but I finished the season in a couple of days, which is extremely unusual for me. I think the main reason for that is down to how engaging and likeable I found all the characters to be. Ragnar is an interesting and compelling lead character and all the supporting cast are equally strong. I found myself captivated by the various relationships that grow and evolve between these characters and by the end of the season, I was left itching to get into Season 2 to find out how these characters will continue to change and develop.

Historically, I imagine it isn’t accurate at all, but that doesn’t really matter, because this works excellently as a drama. It has a good portion of everything. Action, romance, humour, emotion, it’s all on show throughout this season and it’s hard to not get invested. Visually, it looks great and it’s shot beautifully, some of the battle scenes are extremely visceral and brutal. Although, I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of all the cutaways and diversions when it comes to a particularly gruesome moment, it happened too often for my liking and it felt like the show was shying away from moments that would really capture the brutality of the Viking era, it’s moments that shows like Game of Thrones don’t shy away from, and personally, I think that kind of violence would actually have benefitted the show more.

Overall, I really enjoyed Vikings, it’s fairly easy to watch and it moves along at a brisk pace without feeling rushed. By the end of the season I was completely hooked and I can’t wait to see more! It’s a very solid opening, and there is certainly something for everyone here. I deliberately haven’t delved into spoilers, I know it’s an old show, but if this review can tempt you to go and watch it for yourself, then I’d rather you go in without knowing much.

Roll on Season 2.

I give Vikings – Season 1 an 8/10. 

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