TV Review: The Grand Tour Series 3, Episode 1. “Motown Funk”.

The boys are back! The hit Amazon car show has returned for it’s third season, and if this first episode is anything to go by, it’s going to be better than ever.

Learning from the last two seasons, it seems that Amazon and the team have realised that the majority of viewers prefer the “film” segments on The Grand Tour, as opposed to the studio and celebrity segments. We didn’t get a celebrity segment this week and it appeared to imply that it has been binned entirely, if that is the case, then I’m extremely happy. I’ve never enjoyed the celebrity segments and I’ve found them to be a tremendous waste of time, so I welcome this change with open arms!

In this episode, the boys go to the derelict city of Detroit in an attempt to turn it into a “motoring theme park”. It’s the standard affair of driving around, partaking in various challenges whilst giving us a decent portion of witty, immature banter that we’ve all grown to know and love. The film this week was particularly more grounded than others we have seen, but it is only the series opener and the preview of what is to come suggests that things are only going to get more crazy. Thankfully, although it was fairly straightforward, the film segment was still entertaining and the perfect re-introduction to the series, as it’s going to leave viewers itching for more.

I continue to be blown away by how visually stunning this series continues to be, Amazon have spared no expense when it comes to budget and it really shows. The Grand Tour truly is one of the best looking shows on television today.

All in all, a good, solid start for Season 3, they continue to listen to viewers and it seems they’re binning and cutting down on the less favourable segments of the show, in order to give us more of what we want. Considering Season 4 is going to consist entirely of films/specials, this is a good way to get us used to the future… Luckily, that future looks bright.

I give Motown Funk a 7.5/10. 

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