Throwback Thursday: The Festival

Today we’re having a quick look at last year’s The Festival. Coming from the minds from the creators of The Inbetweeners, you probably know what to expect.

This is crude British comedy to a tee, packed with Inbetweeners-esque humour, this film relies on the shock value and comedy rather than a plot. Usually, this would be unforgivable, but to be fair, if you go in to this film expecting anything more than what it provides then you clearly shouldn’t be watching it.

The Festival knows its audience, and it knows what that audience wants to see. It’s vulgar, it’s immature, it’s offensive at times… But it’s funny. That’s all that matters, and if you’re a fan of programmes like The Inbetweeners then I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy this film as well. Not all the jokes land, some of the humour feels a bit forced, but when it does the comedy correctly, it’s done brilliantly, so the failures can be forgiven.

There’s not a lot more I can say about this film, it doesn’t really require an analysis. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a light-hearted, humorous 90 minutes.

I give The Festival a 6.5/10. 


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