TV Review: Manhunt

This three-part ITV true-crime drama follows the real-life murders committed by Levi Bellfield between 2002 and 2004, this series focuses on the police investigation that led to his conviction. Martin Clunes stars as Colin Sutton, the officer in charge of the case.

There is of course always a morality question when a drama like this has made, creating a TV drama that is intended to entertain by using tragic, real-life cases can understandably be seen as controversial by some viewers. Luckily, Manhunt deals with these events in an incredibly sensitive way, it doesn’t feel exploitative whatsoever, which should be applauded.

As a drama, Manhunt succeeds at almost every level. It is incredibly compelling and gripping, so much so that the three episodes absolutely flew by. The entirety of the cast are superb, especially Clunes who may well have a BAFTA coming his way after his performance.

If you’re a fan of true-crime drama, then Manhunt is a must watch. It’s a chilling, interesting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and it’s admirable to see how hard the team working on the case worked to achieve a conviction. It doesn’t feel too dramatised and it is respectful to the victims throughout.

I’ve found out that Colin Sutton will be releasing a book about this case, after watching Manhunt, I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.

Manhunt will still be available to watch on catch-up, so make sure you give it a watch before it disappears!

I give Manhunt an 8.5/10. 


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